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Date: 27-02-2020 14:14:47 (In English)

I am interested in making an automated interface that allows me to fill out forms and obtain the results of their validation.[Unresolved]

I have tried to use curl and my windows console, to enter a domain and fill out a form generating a code from the console.

The maximum that I have achieved is to save the responses from the domain server and be able to enter the domain from the console, in other words run the browser and open the website, but I am missing two more processes, fill out a form, validate it in the web, and save the answer you give me after filling out the form.

I am empirical in this to be honest, I spend hours and hours trying rehearsing and reading, I may not be using the right method and should use some software or program more suitable.

could someone give me some recommendation or guide .....

Thanks for your attention..
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  • Date: 02-03-2020 13:18:07 You have a bunch of options to automate browsers.

    Look for the subject: automated testing.

    You could use Selenium, Behat, Protractor, Cucumber, etc. Thiose will definitely help you achieve what you want.

    I am currently using Protractor, Cucumber and Selenium to automate tests and fill forms with multiple fields.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck!
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